All of the information below courtesy of Dr. David Gregory, Historian, Dentist & former Summerland Mayor (and loyal Reez's customer!).  Thank-you very much David for your help with "Montrummerland".

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The Montreal-Summerland Connection


Montreal has been linked to Summerland since our community was founded in 1902.  In the year 1900, the Montreal based, Canadian Pacific Railway Executive Board wished to purchase 10,000 acres of orchard to supply their CPR hotels.  The company was unable to find a suitable tract of land and the Board abandoned the idea.  But CPR president Sir Thomas Shaughnessy was prepared to act alone and he personally purchased the Barclay Ranch (most of present day Summerland) in 1902 and Summerland was created.  Shaughnessy formed the Summerland Development Company.  Shaughnessy’s Company sold Summerland properties. Shaughnessy convinced many of his fellow Montreal businessmen to purchase orchard property here and these Montrealers were some of the first to own land in the new community of Summerland.


  • President of the Canadian Pacific Railway from 1899-1918
  • Considered the King of the Railway presidents
  • His mansion in Montreal still exists and is now the site of the Centre for Canadian Architecture.  It is also a national heritage site
  • Knight Bachelor 1901 (“Sir”)
  • First Baron Shaughnessy (“Lord”)
  • 1907 formation of the Shaughnessy area of Vancouver
  • His effective management of the CPR opened up British Columbia’s Mining and lumber industries
  • Central role in the early days of Summerland
  • Personally bought Barclay ranch
  • Paid for initial infrastructure, water, roads and electrical systems of Summerland
  • Given monthly reports on the progress of Summerland by his manager J.M. Robinson
  • From 1902-1910 annual inspection of Summerland in Fall
  • One of the reasons for starting Summerland's Fall Fair was to show Shaughnessy how successful it's agricultural products were
  • Won prize at Summerland's Fall Fair for his apples
  • Honourary president of the first National Apple Show in Vancouver
  • By 1910 he was satisfied with the progress of Summerland and sold all his shares in the Summerland Development Company
  • Two years later, the province was flooded with cheap Washington State fruit and many Summerland orchardist were in financial trouble.  Shaughnessy re-acquired the Summerland Development Company and the community was saved from financial ruin
  • All of Lakeshore Road was once called Shaughnessy Avenue
  • He did have an orchard home in Summerland.  Along with his orchard, the home was surrounded by birch trees.  His home was demolished on May 7 1994 to make room for the Silver Birch Condominiums

R.B. ANGUS 1831-1922

  • One of Canada’s most famous citizens.
  • Only person to be awarded the title of knighthood twice but declined
  • Co-founders of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
  • General Manager and President of the Bank of Montreal.
  • Director of the Dominion Cola Company
  • Director of the Royal Trust Company
  • Director of North West Land Company
  • Director Dominion Bridge Company
  • Founding financier of Rogers Sugar
  • Montreal mansion was on Drummond Street
  • One of Canada’s wealthiest citizens
  • Philanthropic activities were legendary
  • President of the Royal Victoria Hospital
  • Vice-president of the Victorian Order of Nurses
  • Governor of McGill University
  • Director Montreal General Hospital
  • President of the Montreal Art Association
  • Founder of Mount Royal Club
  • Orchard home still exists in Prairie Valley
  • One of the first people to buy an orchard from the Summerland
  • Development Company
  • Never lived in Summerland, visited and hunted here
  • Often accompanied Shaughnessy on “inspection tours”
  • Angus remained loyal to Summerland, kept his property until death 1922
  • R.B. Angus’s brother’s grandson Roy Forrest Angus acquired the property and became our Public Works director
  • Angus was one of the first people to support the fruit Industry in the Okanagan Valley
  • He encouraged the sale of fruit at the Coldstream Ranch near Vernon
  • Angus came up with the idea of CPR shipping both ocean and inland and supported the development of CPR boats on Okanagan Lake
  • Street named after Angus  


  • Family tree includes the Cloustons from the Hudson Bay Company
  • Was prominent in Canada’s financial system and played an important role in the development of the Bank Act
  • General Manager of the Bank of Montreal which was considered the most important
  • Career was assisted by Donald Smith (Lord Strathcona of Last Spike fame), who often acted as a father figure to Clouston
  • 1905 Clouston was a Director and Vice president of the Bank
  • President of Canadian Bankers Association
  • Vice-president of Royal Trust Company
  • Director of Canada Sugar Refining Company
  • Director Ogilvie Flour Mills
  • Director Mutual Life Insurance Company
  • The Citizens League of Montreal
  • Initial development of the Boys Scout Movement
  • Strong supporter of sports in Canada
  • Trustee of the Stanley Cup
  • Trustee of the Allen Cup
  • Trustee of the Minto Cup
  • President of the Royal Victoria Hospital
  • Executive member of the St John Ambulance Association
  • Council of the Red Cross Society
  • Governor of the Fraser Institute
  • Governor of McGill University
  • Director of the Champlain Society
  • Development of Mount Royal Park in the centre of Montreal
  • Clouston supported the Bank of Montreal’s efforts at investments in Mexico.  These investments went badly and he lost the support of the Bank
  • Over-looked as the new President and the Board convinced 79 year old R.B. Angus to serve as President.
  • In 1911 Clouston resigned his position at the Bank
  • Summerland home on South Victoria Road
  • He died unexpectedly in 1912 and his brother Robert Clouston inherited the property
  • Robert was involved in many community activities including the Masons
  • Sir Edward Clouston is buried in Mount Royal Cemetery
  • Robert Clouston is buried in an unmarked gravesite at the Anglican Cemetery on Giant’s Head Road


  • Director of CPR
  • Director of the Bank of Montreal
  • Director of Sun Life Assurance Company
  • President of Canadian Cottons Company
  • President of Ogilvie Flour Mills
  • President West Kootney Power & Light
  • President Canada Telegraph Company
  • built Ritz Carlton Hotel in 1909
  • Hosmer dreaded publicity and documents are difficult to obtain
  • Summerland was the first community in the Okanagan Valley with its own electrical system.  Because Hosmer was involved with the West Kootenay Power & Light, he was probably responsible for our electricity
  • Hosmer’s Summerland property was near the West Summerland Train station on South Victoria road


  • Canada’s most successful businessman
  • By 1928 his assets were valued at over 3 billion dollars !!
  • President Montreal Power & Light Company
  • President of Royal Bank 1908-1934
  • Director of CPR, started as CPR engineer
  • Director of Montreal Trust Company
  • Director of Canada Car and Foundry
  • Director of almost 300 companies !
  • Knighted in 1915
  • Elected to Canadian Business Hall of Fame
  • president of the Royal Victoria Hospital when Dr. Wilder Penfield’s Montreal’s Neurological Institute on Sept 27th 1934
  • Created town of Hampstead in Montreal
  • His death was announced at a baseball game at Jarry Park in Montreal and received a standing ovation (due to his unpopular control over utilities)
  • Owned orchard in Prairie Valley along Dale Meadows Road
  • One of Summerland’s first land owners
  • President of Alberta Power, so may have assisted in Summerland’s electrical system, no records exist
  • Street named after Holt


  • Both Horace Joseph and his brother Henry Joseph were members of the Brokerage firm Joseph and Company
  • One of Montreal’s wealthiest families
  • Owned orchard land in Prairie Valley (“Millionaire’s Row”)


  • President of the James McCready Shoe Company Ltd
  • Director of the Merchant Bank
  • Director of the Lauentide Paper Company
  • Director of many other large corporations
  • Smith has been described by many as having a “Charming personality” and often was a guest at important Montreal functions
  • By the year 1908 he moved permanently to “Saint Andrews by the Sea” in New Brunswick where many of these businessmen at summer homes.  These homes were more like mansions than summer homes.  Smith’s home was beside Charles Hosmer’s and Thomas Shaughnessy’s homes.
  • Smith was close business partners with Charles Hosmer
  • They both purchased orchard land on South Victoria Road near the former West Summerland Train station


These Montreal businessmen were partners in many enterprises, Summerland being one of them.  They shared directorships in many prominent Canadian companies. Several of these Montrealers also owned summer homes in St. Andrews by the Sea, New Brunswick.  Even in death their partnerships remained.  They are all buried at Montreal’s Mont Royal Cemetery, some buried side by side.  In death, for whatever reason people often request a grave site that has a view.  All of their grave sites overlook Montreal but of course the wealthiest of them all, Sir Hebert Holt is buried at the very top of the Mount Royal Cemetery overlooking all of us.