A little bit about Reez's
In 1978, owners Ron & Peggy (and baby son Brandon in tow) headed out west in search of a better life.  They ended up in the Okanagan, a beautiful oasis with wide open spaces, clean air and water and a healthier lifestyle.  Occasionally they would reminisce about some of the great eateries in Montreal, especially places like Ben's, Swartz's or Lester's.

"We both had fond memories as kids of our families travelling north to a summer cottage, and stopping at a roadside chip truck on a hot summer day for an all-dressed "steamie" and bag of fries.  Then we'd pile into the back seat of the family's old Chevy with Dad at the wheel pedal to the metal and Grandma praying on her rosary beads.  My memories are vivid ... it's like it was yesterday ...  stepping into Dunn's or Ben's on a frigid winter day, when the snow would crunch under your boots, to sit down and enjoy a hot, tasty smoked meat sandwich.  As a young boy growing up in Montreal, those memories will always remain with me."

In early 2008 after numerous disappointments with some unusual versions of  Smoked Meat sandwiches they decided that maybe it was time to bring a little taste of Montreal into the Okanagan.

"We quickly realized that duplicating something that the classic delicatessen's in Montreal had taken decades to perfect was not easy.  There was a reason the owners of Lester's, Schwartz's and others kept their recipes and preparation methods held tightly to their chest.  They had found something after years and years of trial and error, and possibly luck, that worked.  Many others continue to try and replicate their briskets with little success."

We hope you'll come on in and enjoy our best efforts to recreate Montreal Smoked Meat sandwiches, steamers and poutine!
Ron & Peggy 

Reez's proudly supports Lester's Delicatessen in Montreal, Quebec!  All of our Montreal Smoked meat is provided by Lester's.


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